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Evaluation of Antiviral Activity of Azadirachta indica (Neem) Bark Extract against Newcastle Disease Virus
M. Shahid Mahmood1, H Waqas Amir1, Rao Zahid Abbas2, Bilal Aslam3 and Azhar Rafique4*
1Institute of Microbiology; 2Department of Parasitology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan
3Department of Microbiology; 4Department of Zoology, GC University Faisalabad Pakistan
*Corresponding author:


In the present research, the in-vitro and in-ovo antiviral activity of Neem (Azadirachta indica) bark extract against Newcastle disease virus (NDV) was evaluated. Various dilutions of Azadirachta indica extract were used against NDV. In-vitro evaluation was done by performing spot assay and micro-heamagglutination test, while in-ovo antiviral activity was assessed by injecting the extracts in 11 days old embroynated eggs. During in-vitro evaluation, it was found that the stock solution and 1:2 dilution of Neem bark extract exhibit antiviral activity but at the same time these concentrations showed cytotoxic activity as well, while higher dilution (1:8) showed nonsignificant antiviral activity. Same was true for in-ovo evaluation, higher dilutions showed nonsignificant activity. Taking together, it may be concluded there was no significant difference in the antiviral effects of different concentrations of Neem bark extracts but the exposure time was a significant variable for cytotoxicity.

Key words: Antiviral efficacy, Azadirachta indica, Embryonated chicken eggs, Newcastle disease virus


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