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Near-Total Glossectomy for Treatment of Mast Cell Tumor in a Dog
JLC Castro1, S Santalucia2, VGP Albernaz3*, VSP Castro2, MVM Pires4, JR Engracia Filho5, PTO Leme Junior6, RR Huppes7, AB De Nardi8 and JM Pazzini8
2Veterinary Medicine Graduate Program, Center of Rural Science, Federal University of Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Brazil; 3Department of Veterinary Surgery and Anesthesiology, School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, São Paulo State University (UNESP), Botucatu, Brazil; 4Autonomous Veterinary Doctor, Curitiba, Brazil; 5Anesthesiology, Castelo Branco University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 6Graduate Program in Animal Science - PPGCA, School of Life Sciences, Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil; 7Neuroscience, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada; 8Veterinary Medicine Undergraduate Program, UniCesumar, Maringá, Brazil; 9Veterinary Medicine Graduate Program, São Paulo State University, Jaboticabal, Brazil; *Corresponding author:


Tongue tumors are rare, comprising only 4% of all oropharyngeal tumors. Mast cell tumor (MCT) is the third most frequent tumor of the tongue. Although several treatment alternatives are indicated, the surgical excision with good margins is the best option for this malignancy. One grade III MCT case involving the base of the tongue was treated with near-total glossectomy and combined with pre- and post-operative chemotherapy providing high survival time and life quality.

To Cite This Article: Castro JLC, Santalucia S, Albernaz VGP, Castro VSP, Pires MVM, Filho JRE, Junior PTOL, Huppes RR, De Nardi AB and Pazzini JM, 2019. Near-total glossectomy for treatment of mast cell tumor in a dog. Pak Vet J.


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