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I. A. Zahid, M. Latif and K. B. Baloch

Research Institute for Physiology of Animal Reproduction Bhunikey, (Pattoki), District Kasur, Pakistan


    A total of 50 adult cows each of Friesian and Jersey breed maintained at the Livestock Experiment Station Bhunikey (Pattoki) District Kasur were selected randomly for this study. Blood smears of all animals were prepared aseptically through standard procedure. The cows found positive for theileriasis were treated with Buparvaquone (Butalex) injection @ 5 ml/100 Kg b. wt. intramuscularly, while for the treatment of babesiasis, positive animals were treated with Imidocarb dipropionate 12% w/v (Imizol) @ 2 ml/100 Kg b. wt. I/M injection. Three days after medication, animals were re-tested for the presence of haemoparasites. The overall incidence of theileriasis in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cows was 24 and 15 per cent, respectively, while the incidence of babesiasis was 2.5 per cent in both the breeds. The highest incidence of Theilaria, i.e., 38 and 30 per cent was observed in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cows during 3rd and 4th quarter of the year, respectively. The lowest incidence of Theileria was observed during 1st quarter in both Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cows (16 and 8 percent, respectively). The incidence of Babesia was observed only during 3rd quarter of the study, which was 10 per cent in both the breeds. Butalex and Imizol injection showed 100 per cent effectiveness in both the breeds. 

Key words: Haemoparasites, blood smears, Theileriasis, Holstein-Friesian.


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