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Low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Characteristics of Experimental Canine Intracranial Hemorrhage
Jimo Jeong, Yechan Jung, Eunseok Jeong, Youngkwon Cho and Kichang Lee
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Comparison of Dexmedetomedine-Ketamine Anesthetic Combination to Propofol-Isoflurane in Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Eman M Nour, Khaled I Khalil, Hazem H Saleh, Haytham G Aamer, Mohamed Abd EL-Hamid, Wael I Mortada, Ahmed A Shokeir and Mahmoud Othman
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Bisphenol-A (BPA) Alters Plasma Thyroid Hormones and Sex Steroids in Female Pakistani Major Carp (Catla catla; Cyprinidae)
Mehwish Faheem, Saba Khaliq, Hafiz Usman Ahmad and Khalid Parvez Lone
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Intestinal Metaplasia and Over-Expression of c-erb2 and p53 in Tissue Adjacent to Dog Gastric Carcinoma
M Gualtieri, C Costa Devoti, E Riccardi and D Olivero
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Inhibitory Effect of Melatonin on Formation of the Chicken Primordial Follicles
G Liu, R Li, C Guo, D Zhao, Y Mi, J Li and C Zhang
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Acute Outbreak of Co-Infection of Fowl Pox and Infectious Laryngotracheitis Viruses in Chicken in Egypt
Walied Abdo, Asmaa Magouz, Fares El-Khayat and Tarek Kamal
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Evaluation of Antiviral Activity of Azadirachta indica (Neem) Bark Extract against Newcastle Disease Virus
M. Shahid Mahmood, H Waqas Amir, Rao Zahid Abbas, Bilal Aslam and Azhar Rafique
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Molecular Epidemiology of Babesia bovis in Bovine of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Shahid Hussain Farooqi, Muhammad Ijaz, Muhammad Imran Rashid, Amjad Islam Aqib, Zulfiqar Ahmad, Muhammad Hassan Saleem, Kashif Hussain, Saher Islam, Huma Naeem and Amjad Khan
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Feasibility of 99mTc-Phytate as a Lower Lymphoscintigraphic Agent in Dogs
Youngkwon Cho and Kichang Lee
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Preventive and Curative Effects of Medical Ozone in Rats Exposed to Experimental Osteomyelitis
Ramazan Gonenci, Mehmet Tabur and Sule Yurdagul Ozsoy
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Nigella Sativa Seed Extract Affects Granulocyte Phagocytosis and Lymphocytes Proliferation in Goats
Anas Sarwar Qureshi, Sarmad Rehan and Heinrich Enbergs
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Maggot Antimicrobial Peptide Effect on TGF-β4 and TNF-α mRNA Expression in Small Intestinal Mucosa from Salmonella pullorum-Infected Chickens
Wang ZT, Wang JG, Zhang YS, Zhang XL, Xi JF, Li CC, Huang CF and Shen H
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Comparative Evaluation of Methadone Administration at Different Periods in Bitches Undergoing Mastectomy
RAR Uscategui, MAR Feliciano, CF Tiosso, JV Moro, LN Coutinho, MBS Brito and WRR Vicente
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Different Levels of Urinary Cortisol and Creatinine Presented at Different Time Points between Intact Male Dogs and Sterilized Dogs
Wenyuan Xue, Tien-Huan Hsu, Hsein-Chi Wang, Kuan-Sheng Chen and Wei-Ming Lee
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