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M. Azam, R. A. Chaudhry, Nazir Ahrnad1 and I. H. Khan 

Department of Animal Reproduction, College of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore;
1Department of Animal Reproduction, University of Agriculture. Faisalabad, Pakistan


    In this study, various parameters of reproductive efficiency of Bhagnari cattle in Pakistan were investigated. For this purpose, data on reproductive performance records of 223 Bhagnari cows maintained at the Government Cattle Farm, Usta Muhammad, Baluchistan from 1975 to 1985 were analyzed. The results showed that the age at puberty for 223 Bhagnari heifers averaged 987.22+14.77 days, the range was 524 to 1827 days. In 73.09% cows the age at puberty ranged between 701 and 1200 days. The winter born heifers showed significantly lower age at puberty than those born in other seasons. The average age at first calving was 1293.6+18.28 days, the range being 763-2q50 days. A total of 63.23% cows gave the birth to their first calf between 1101 and 1600 days of age. Among 798 conceptions, 28.45, 51.75 and 14.28% occurred by 1,2 and 3 services. respectively, with an average conception rate of 48.22%. The average service period for 520 records was 156.48+14.3 days, the range being 25-671 days. Cows calving in summer showed the longest service period, while winter calvers showed the shortest service period, the difference was significant (p<0.05). The average gestation period for 801 gestations was 284+0.7 days. The average length of calving interval for 487 observations was 450.12+5.8 days, the range being 290-783 days. Cows calving in summer showed longer (p<0.05) calving interval than those calving in other seasons. The average reproductive efficiency of Bhagnari Cows was 68.80+0.98%, the range was 30.59-98.91%.     

Key words: Bhagnari cattle, reproductive efficiency, Baluchistan.


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