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M. Farooq, Zahir-ud-Din, F .R. Durrani, M.A. Mian, N. Chand and J. Ahmed1

Department of Poultry Science, NWFP Agricultural University Peshawar; 1Veterinary Officer (Health) Charsadda. Pakistan


    Records from 62-broiler farms located in Swat, North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Pakistan were, collected during the year 1998 to investigate prevalent diseases and overall mortality in broilers. Losses due Hydro-pericardium syndrome (HPS) were the highest (17.05 ± 2.08%) and the lowest due to coccidiosis 9.39 ± 3.82%). Non-significant differences existed in mortality caused by Newcastle, IBD and yolk sac infection. Differences in losses caused by infectious coryza, enteritis and coccidiosis were also non- significant. Average overall mortality was 13.05 ± 1.16%, representing 7.59 ± 0.46% losses from day-1 to day 14 and 18.52 ± 0.95% from day-15 till marketing of broilers (42-50 days). Lower (p<0.05) overall mortality was observed in broilers reared on well-finished concrete floors (12.43 ± 1.45 %) than in those on brick+mud made floors (14.36 ± 1.55). Higher (p<0.05) overall mortality was found in overcrowded houses 5.60 ± 5.62%) than in optimally utilized houses (10.69 ± 1.51%). Overall mortality was higher (p<0.05) in) flocks under substandard vaccination schedule (15.92 ± 1.55%) than in those maintained under standard lancination schedule (10.20 ± 1.21%). Overall mortality was higher (21.11 ± 3.39%) when the interval between two batches was ≤ 7 days than 16-20 days (5.72 ± 3.01%). Lower (p<0.05) overall mortality was und in broilers maintained under good hygienic ( 11.59 ±1.93%) and sanitary conditions ( 10.82 ± 1.16% ) compared to those under poor hygienic and sanitary conditions (14.12 ± 2.81% and 15.15 ± 1.68 %respectively). Maintenance of broilers under good hygienic conditions on well finished concrete floor, providing the required space/broiler, following recommended vaccination schedule without HPS vaccine and keeping 8.20 days interval between two batches were suggested as key factors in reducing mortality among broilers in Swat.

Key words: - Mortality, diseases, manage mental factors, broilers


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