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I.A. Zahid, L.A. Lodhi1, N. Ahmad1, Z.I. Qureshi1, N.U. Rehman1 and M.S. Akhtar2

Research Institute for Physiology of Animal Reproduction, Bhunikey (Pottoki), Distt. Kasur.
1Department of Animal Reproduction,
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.
2Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad


    In the present study, the effects of gossypol on semen characteristics in Teddy male goats were studied. Nine Teddy male goats were randomly divided into three equal groups named A, B and C. Animals in all groups were fed concentrated ration without cottonseed cakes (CSC) at the rate of 3% of their liveweight for a period of 30 days and it was named as pre-treatment period. Just after the completion of this period, animals in group A were fed control ration (without gossypol), those in group B were fed ration which contained unboiled CSC as a source of free and bound gossypol, while animals in group C were given ration containing  CSC boiled at 100°C for 1 hour as a source of bound gossypol These experimental rations were fed to animals of respective groups at the rate of 3% of their liveweight for a period of 90 days and it was named as treatment period. Feeding of ration containing gossypol to Teddy male goats did not affect the colour, volume, mass activity, sperm concentration, percentage of dead spermatozoa, liveability and absolute index of liveability of spermatozoa at 37°C. However, it affected significantly (P<0.05) the pH, per cent motility of spermatozoa and percentage of morphologically abnormal spermatozoa. The Teddy male goats fed rations containing a combination of free and bound gossypol showed a significant (P<0.05) increase in the pH and a decrease in motility of spermatozoa which was statistically lower than those fed control diet or diet containing bound gossypol. It was concluded that rations containing a combination of free and bound gossypol (unboiled CSC) or bound gossypol only (boiled CSC) adversely affected the semen quality of Teddy male goats in terms of sperm motility and morphologically abnormal spermatozoa in  ejaculates.

Key words: Gossypol, cottonseed cakes, Teddy male goats, semen characteristics,

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