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Effect of Vitamin E-Selenium Administration during Late Gestation on Productive and Reproductive Performance in Dairy Buffaloes and on Growth Performance of their Calves
Z. I. Qureshi, M. Siddiq, L. A. Lodhi, G. Muhammad1 and H. Jamil
Department of Theriogenology; 1Department of Clinical Medicine & Surgery, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan *Corresponding author:


The present study was planned to evaluate the efficacy of vitamin E-selenium administration during last month of gestation in improving the productive and reproductive performance of dairy buffaloes and on growth performance of their calves. For this purpose, 40 Nili-Ravi buffaloes in their last month of pregnancy were randomly divided into two groups. The buffaloes in group 1 were treated with 10 ml of vitamin E-Se (Farvet Holland), containing 50 mg of vitamin E and 0.5 mg of sodium selenite/ml) intramuscularly on day 30 and 15 prior to expected date of parturition, while buffaloes in group II served as control. All the experimental buffaloes were kept under similar management and feeding conditions. The data on productive performance showed that the colostrum production was 22% higher (P<0.05) in treated buffaloes (14.15 ± 3.29L) as compared to their counterparts (11.51 ± 3.39L). The average milk production of first 90 days of lactation was 7% higher (P>0.05) in Vit E-Se treated buffaloes (706.90 ± 314.29L) as compared to control group (663.85 ± 225.46L). Data on reproductive performance showed that vitamin E-Se administration significantly (P<0.01) improved the conception rate (66 vs 45%) and estrus rate (90 vs 55%). The mean calf body weight at birth and at 4 weeks of age was higher by 3 and 12%, respectively, in calves born to vitamin E-Se treated buffaloes, the difference was non significant (P>0.05). It was inferred that the administration of vitamin E-Se during late gestation in buffaloes have beneficial effect on colostrum production, post partum estrus rates and conception rates.

Key words: Dairy buffaloes, Gestation, Production, Reproduction, Selenium, Vitamin E


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