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Field Surgical Intervention of Bovine Actinomycosis
U. Farooq*, A. Qayyum, H. A. Samad, H. R. Chaudhry and N. Ahmad1
University College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur; 1Department of Theriogenology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
*Corresponding Author:


Actinomycosis, or lumpy jaw, is an important cause of economic losses in livestock because of its widespread occurrence and poor response to the routine clinical treatment. The present study describes a typical case of bovine actinomycosis in a seven-month pregnant Sahiwal heifer with a hard swelling on the middle of the maxilla bone at the level of the central molar teeth. Tentative diagnosis was made through clinical signs. After maturation of the swelling, the area was incised under local anesthesia and debridement of the wound was achieved by sharp surgical debridement and mechanical debridement. Pus, having the appearance of sulphur granules, was completely removed from the excised cavity, which was closed by applying mattress sutures. Adjunct therapy of broad-spectrum antibiotic was administered intramuscularly for five days as a post-operative measure. Catamnesis revealed that the healing was complete in 15 days with no recurrence and untoward consequences.

Key words: Actinomyces bovis, Lumpy jaw, Surgical debridement


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