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Riemerella Anatipestifer Infection in Chickens

J. X. Li*, Y. Tang, J. Y. Gao, C. H. Huang1 and M. J. Ding

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Southwest University, Chongqing; 1Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
*Corresponding author:


Riemerella anatipestifer (RA) is the causative agent of septicemic and exudative disease for a variety of bird species. Although RA had been isolated from chickens, whether can bring damages to them is not unraveled yet. In this study, we report a flock of SanHuang chickens infected by RA with 15% morbidity and less than 8% mortality. The infection is further substantiated by case duplicate. The tested chickens demonstrate typical signs of pericarditis, air sacculitis and perihepatitis that are completely consistent with the field outbreak. The results suggest that RA is pathogenic to SanHuang chickens, which can then be theoretically and practicably incorporated into its infection spectrum.

Key words: Chicken; Experimental infection; Field outbreak; Riemerella anatipestifer


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ISSN 2074-7764 (Online)