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A Study of Correlation of Serum Leptin with Trace Elements in Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
J. Tajik * and S. Nazifi
Department of Clinical Studies, School of Veterinary Medicine; Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran
*Corresponding Author:


The present study was designed to evaluate the correlations of the serum leptin with trace elements in water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). The serum concentration of leptin and its correlations with serum concentrations of copper, zinc, selenium, iron and manganese were measured in 80 clinically healthy water buffaloes. The serum concentration of leptin had no significant correlation with the measured trace elements (P>0.05). Separate evaluation of the age groups also showed no significant difference between age groups and no significant correlation between serum leptin and the measured trace elements. In male buffaloes, the serum concentration of leptin had a significant correlation with the zinc/copper ratio (r= 0.53, P=0.014). These relationships were not measured in water buffalo previously and were partially different from those of other species.

Key words: Bubalus bubalis; Serum leptin; Trace elements


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