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Clinical Coenurosis (Coenurus Cerebralis) and Associated Pathological Findings in a Calf
Cumali Özkan*, Serkan Yildirim1 and Abdullah Kaya
Department of Internal Diseases; 1Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Yuzuncu, Yil 65080, Van, TURKEY *Corresponding Author:


This study aims to investigate clinical and pathological findings of a clinical Coenurus cerebralis case in a 10-month-old Simmental male calf. Clinical examination of the calf revealed incoordination, irregular gait, failure to hold the head straight, leftward head tilt, and circling. The animal was diagnosed with C. cerebralis and euthanazia was recommended. The autopsy demonstrated a cyst (9x7 cm) in the caudal of the left cerebral hemisphere within the cranium. The cyst caused compression over the ventral portion of the left cerebral hemisphere, while a marked perforation of 3-4 cm diameter was found on the sphenoid bone. Histopathologically, hyperemia and perivascular mononuclear cell infiltration were observed. In conclusion, we found it beneficial to present the clinical and pathological findings of this calf infected with C. cerebralis which is known to be a rare clinical entity among cattle.

Key words: Calf; Clinical findings; Coenurosis; Coenurus cerebralis; Pathological findings


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