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Ovarian Follicular Dynamics around Estrus in Beetal and Teddy Goats
Hasan Riaz, Nasim Ahmad* and Muhammad Rizwan Yousuf
Department of Theriogenology, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan *Corresponding author:


Due to higher fecundity rate over Beetal goats, it is assumed that Teddy goats have higher ovarian activity. Therefore, the current study tested the hypothesis that ovarian follicular population (number of small (1-3 mm), medium (>3-5 mm) and large follicles (>5 mm), size of the ovulatory follicle, and ovulation rate (No. of CL/No of ovulated goats), using transrectal ultrasonography are different between Beetal and Teddy goats of Pakistani origin. Beetal (n=6) and Teddy (n=8) does were synchronized using double PGF2a injections 10 d apart and were scanned on Days -2, 0 (estrus) and +2. The onset of estrus was assessed by aproned bucks. Mean number of small follicles were higher (P<0.05) in Beetal goats, compared to Teddy goats, on days -2, estrus and +2. The ovulatory follicle diameter, and ovulation rate were found non-significant between Beetal and Teddy goats. It is concluded that Beetal goats have greater population of small follicles around estrus compared to Teddy goats. Future studies can be based on the follicle recruitment and atretic factors in Beetal goats to enhance the production.

Key words: Beetal Goats, Follicle, Teddy Goats, Ultrasonography


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