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Comparison of estrus synchronization with application of prostaglandin F2α intrauterine and intramuscular in Bali and crossbred-Ongole cattle
A. Malik,* A Gunawan, A Jaelani, R Budirahman and S Erlina
Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Islamic University of Kalimantan, Banjarmasin, Indonesia
*Corresponding author:


The objective of this study was to compare effects of intramuscular and intrauterine injection of prostaglandin F2α on estrous synchronization in Bali cattle and crossbreed-Ongole cattle.  A total of 80 Bali cows and 70 crossbreed-Ongole (PO) cows were used for the study. The average body weighs were 327±9.98 kg and 355±8.45 kg, and were aged between 4 - 8 years (parities 2 to 5) lactating for Bali and PO cattle, respectively.  The Bali cows and PO cows were divided into two the treatment groups and to each cow, two injections of PGF2α, 14 days apart were administered.  Cows in groups 1 (Bali, n=40; PO, n=35) were injected witrh 25 mg Dinoprost® (Glandins, Tad Pharmazeutisches werk Gmbh, West Germany) intramuscularly (i.m). Whereas, for the cows in groups 2 (Bali, n=40; PO, n=35), 5 mg dinoprost® was injected into the intra uterine (i.u) using a modified AI gun. The percentage estrus first and second injection with i.m and i.u were no significant different (P>0.05) between Bali and PO cows. The percentage estrus response were significantly different (P<0.05) between first injection and second injection. The pregnancy rate after first injection with i.m and i.u were no significant different (P>0.05). Whereas, pregnancy rate after second injection with i.m and iu between Bali and PO cows were significant different (P<0.05). Thus, differences in breed and method of PGF­2α administration were not significantly different (P>0.05). It was concluded that injection of PGF2α via the i.u route resulted in similar estrus response and pregnancy rates compared with the i.m route of administration. Furthermore, the i.u application of the PGF2α or its analogues may reduce the dose requirement of the drug.

Key words: Cows, Estrus Synchronization, Intramuscular, Intrauterine, Pregnancy rate, Prostaglandin F2α


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