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The Importance of Physical Examinations of Lateral Short Collateral Ligament Ruptures of the Tarsal Joint in the Cocker Spaniel
JM Kim, H Kim, SW Jang, SH Choi1 and IS Jeong*
Department of Veterinary Surgery, Royal Animal Medical Center, Seoul, 131-878, Republic of Korea; 1Veterinary Medical Center, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, 361-763, Republic of Korea
*Corresponding author:


A five-year-old female cocker spaniel was presented with left hind limb intermittent lameness after sliding one week earlier. There was no deviation of the right tarsal joint during extension and flexion of it upon a physical examination. However, there was mild pain and deviation medially on the left tarsal joint when the left tarsal joint flexed. Mild swelling of the left tarsal joint was detected upon a radiographic examination. Diagnosis was rupture of the lateral short collateral ligament (calcaneofibular ligament) of the left tarsal joint according to a physical examination. Surgical treatment was undertaken to reconstruct the lateral short collateral ligament using screws, washers and heavy suture material. The dog resumed a normal gait at nine weeks after surgery.

Key words: Cocker spaniel dog, Lateral short collateral ligament rupture, Physical examination, Tarsal joint


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