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Adipogenic Gene Expression and Regulation Pattern in Adipose Tissues Located on Mammary, Inguinal and Renal Fat Pad of Korean Black Goat (Capra hircus)
S Subi1, NK Singh1*, AMMT Reza1, S Shiwani1, JD Lohakare1, DK Jeong2 and SJ Lee1
1Department of Animal Biotechnology, College of Animal life sciences,  Kangwon National University; 2Department of Animal Biotechnology, College of Applied life Sciences, Jeju National University, Republic of Korea; *Corresponding


Development of new fat cells appears to be a permanent event throughout the life process of both humans and animals. Though, this process appears to be similar all over the body, but whether their anatomical location keeps them distinct in their genetic makeup is quite uncertain. Therefore, to investigate the difference in the adipogenic gene expression and their regulation pattern at the molecular level, we collected adipose tissues surgically from prepubertal Korean black goat reared in stall fed system and with high fat rich diet. Perirenal fat, inguinal fat and mammary fat pad adipose tissues were collected and cyropreserved in LN2 for mRNA isolation subsequently. Reverse transcriptase PCR revealed significant (P<0.05) down-regulation of adipo Q in mammary fat pad and inguinal fat, but no change was observed in renal fat in the high fat rich diet fed group as compared to the control group. Significant down-regulation in LPL and resistin gene was noticed in parallel in all the tissues in the treatment group. However, PPAR-γ was observed to be significantly down-regulated only in perirenal fat and whereas CEBP-α was down-regulated in both inguinal and perirenal fat in the high fat rich diet fed goats as compared to the control. Down-regulation of specific adipogenic gene clearly shows that optimization of high fat rich diet in dairy goat management is highly essential. This further suggests that adipose tissue participates more directly than previously thought in metabolic activities and energy balance.

Key words: Adipose tissues, Inguinal, Korean black goat, Mammary fat pad, Peri-renal


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