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Comparative Efficacy of Finney and Jaboulay Pyloroplasty for the Relief of Pyloric Stenosis in Dogs
M Ali Khan, M Arif Khan*, SG Bokhari, NU Khan, AU Khan, M Ijaz, IU Khan, S Aslam, UF Durrani, HBR Chaudhry, N Hussain, H Akbar, HK Shahzad and A Ullah
Department of Clinical Medicine & Surgery, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan; *Corresponding author:


In view of the high incidence of pyloric stenosis in dogs, this study was conducted to compare the efficacy of two surgical techniques, viz. Finney and Jaboulay pyloroplasties in providing relief to gastric outlet obstruction and to report complications, if any. Healthy mongrel dogs (n=24) with similar physique, age and body weight were selected and randomly divided into three groups i.e. Groups A, B and C comprising eight dogs each. The dogs in Groups A and B were operated upon with Finney and Jaboulay pyloroplasty, respectively, whereas Group C dogs served as Control. Efficacy of the techniques was compared in terms of wound healing as ascertained through clinical findings; post-operative increase in external pyloric diameter as measured through B-mode ultrasonography and exploratory laparotomy; accuracy of the anastomosis and signs of leakage if any, as evidenced by contrast radiography, and the amount of adhesion formation, checked through exploratory laparotomy. Wound healing in both groups A and B was satisfactory, except for transient post-operative complications in three dogs, subsequently managed through proper medication. Sonographic measurements of the anastomosed external pyloric diameter strikingly correlated with measurements taken 3 months’ post-operatively through an exploratory laparotomy, and revealed a wider pyloric lumen in Group B (Jaboulay Pyloroplasty) suggesting better gastric drainage in this group (P≤0.001) as compared to Group A (Finney Pyloroplasty). Consequently no sign of leakage was observed in either group. Conclusively, Jaboulay pyloroplasty proved superior to Finney pyloroplasty, in providing a wider lumen facilitating relief from pyloric stenosis and better gastric drainage post-operatively.

Key words: B-mode sonography, Contrast radiography, Finney pyloroplasty, Jaboulay pyloroplasty


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