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An Assessment of the Application of Poloxamer/Sodium Alginate/CaCl2 Mixture after Abdominal Surgery in Dogs: Effects on Postoperative Adhesion and Safety
Jina Kim, Sohee Bae, Li Li, Junemoe Jeong, Aeri Lee, Hyunjoo Lim, Oh-kyeong Kweon and Wan Hee Kim*
Department of Veterinary Clinical Science, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742, Korea; *Corresponding author:


Poloxamer/sodium alginate/CaCl2 (PX/SA) mixture (Aniguard®, Genewel, South Korea) is a temperature-sensitive anti-adhesive agent used to prevent postoperative adhesion by forming a biocompatible barrier on the surface of a wound. This study investigated the safety and the ability of PX/SA mixture to prevent postoperative adhesion in dogs. Twenty dogs were divided into two experimental models: an intestine model and a uterus-urinary bladder model. Each model was further divided into two groups. Dogs in the intestine model underwent laparotomy, with multiple intestinal wall abrasions, while dogs in the uterus-urinary bladder model underwent urinary bladder wall abrasion. The control groups were treated with normal saline, and the trial groups were treated with PX/SA mixture. After 10 days, all dogs underwent a laparoscopic exploration to evaluate their abdominal status. On postoperative day 21, the abdominal adhesions were evaluated and scored by a previously validated adhesion score system. Furthermore, the extent of fibrosis and inflammation was scored according to a histopathologic examination. The adhesion scores of the trial groups were significantly reduced in both models compared to those of the control groups. Furthermore, more fibrosis reactions were found on the adhesion areas in the control groups in both models. There were no statistically significant differences in inflammation between the two groups. In addition, no hepatic and renal toxicity or side effects of PX/SA mixture were observed. In conclusion, the use of PX/SA mixture effectively reduced the development of postoperative abdominal adhesions.

Key words: Aniguard®, Poloxamer, Post-operative adhesion, Prevention, Sodium alginate


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