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Effect of Cadmium on the Concentration of Ceruloplasmin and its mRNA Expression in Goats under Molybdenum Stress
Yu Zhuang§, Ping Liu§, CaiYing Zhang, Shu Ye, GuoLiang Hu* and HuaBin Cao*
Institute of Animal Population Health, College of Animal Science and Technology, JiangXi Agriculture University, N.O. 1101, Zhimin Avenue, Nanchang Economic and Technological Development District Nanchang 330045, P.R. China
*Corresponding author: (GLH); (HBC)


The present study aim at evaluating the effects of cadmium on the concentration of ceruloplasmin (CP) and its mRNA expression in goats under molybdenum stress. CdCl2 and [(NH4)6Mo7O24·4H2O] were selected as the source of cadmium and molybdenum, respectively. Thirty-six healthy goats were divided into four groups randomly, including control group (0mg/kg Mo+0mg/kg Cd), Mo exposure group (30mg/kg Mo), co-exposure group A (30mg/kg Mo+0.5mg/kg Cd) and co-exposure group B (30 mg/kg Mo+1 mg/kg Cd). Fifty days after exposure, blood and liver samples were collected. The results showed that all animals in experimental groups had shown some visible clinical signs of copper deficiency. The body weight and activity of CP protein in those animals decreased significantly as well. Meanwhile, Mo, Cd and Cu were significantly increased in the liver in all treatments, and contents of Mo, Cd and Cu in serum and liver of animals in co-exposure (Mo+Cd) groups were significantly higher than those in Mo exposure group. In addition, the accumulated level of cadmium positively correlated with time and dose. However, the mRNA expression of ceruloplasmin in Mo exposure group increased significantly (P<0.05), while in co-exposure groups, the level of expression increased before day 25 and then decreased rapidly. This study suggests that Cd has a promotional effect on molybdenosis which involves in aggravating the deposition of heavy metals (Mo, Cd and Cu).

Key words: Goat, Molybdenum, Cadmium, Ceruloplasmin, mRNA


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