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Macro- and Micro-Morphological Studies on the Parathyroid Glands of Dromedary Camel
Al-Ramadan SY1,*, Ali AM1, Al-Zghoul MB2, Althnian TA1 and Alzayer MA3
1Anatomy Department, College of Veterinary Medicine, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia; 2Department of Basic Medical Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan; 3Pathology Department, College of Veterinary Medicine, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
*Corresponding author:


The present study was performed on ten adult dromedary camels of both sexes. The morphological features of the parathyroid glands which are one of the important endocrine glands in controlling calcium level were described. The parathyroid glands formed of external and internal parathyroids. The external parathyroid located at the region between the origin of occipital and lingual branches of common carotid artery, while the internal parathyroid located in most of the examined cases in a navel-like depression on the cranial or craniolateral border of the thyroid glands. Each parathyroid gland is encapsulated with a thin capsule of dense irregular connective tissue from which fine connective tissue septa extending to divide the gland into small lobules. The parenchyma of parathyroid glands is composed of three types of cell: chief cells, oxyphil cells and water-clear cells. However, the chief cells could be subdivided into light and dark cells at the ultrastructure level. The results of the present study will add information which will open a field of studies for the various biological and medical researchers, as well as, it may add a new knowledge for the role for the several cellular structures of the parathyroid in addition to its relation with pathological conditions.

Key words: Anatomy, Camel, Histology, Parathyroid, Ultrastructure


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