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Genotyping of Mycoplasma bovis Isolated from Cattle Suffering from Respiratory Manifestation in Menofia Province, Egypt
Eman E. Abdeen1*, Walid S. Mousa2 and Iman I. Suelam3
1Department of Bacteriology, Mycology and Immunology, 2Department of Animal Medicine and Infectious diseases, University of Sadat City, Egypt; 3Educational Veterinary Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt
*Corresponding author:


Mycoplasma bovis in cattle may cause economic losses in cattle farms. Bovine mycoplasmosis is endemic in Egypt. The aim of the current study to determine the occurrence and molecular characterization of M. bovis strains recovered from cattle in Egypt. M. bovis was isolated by standard methods from nasal swabs, oral and conjunctival swabs of 200 diseased calves with percentages of 40, 15 and 20%, respectively. The examined M. bovis isolates were PCR positive to amplified fragment size 1626 bp of uvrC gene, 1007 bp of gapA gene and 797 bp of p40 pseudogene. Sequence analysis of uvrC gene of the field isolates showed (95.3%) similarity when compared with each other and (100%) identity with M. bovis reference strain (PG45) and the field strains on GenBank. Analysis of gapA gene of M. bovis isolates (Egy-8-Fa-14 and Egy-9-DK-14) showed (100%) identity between each other and (98.2%) identity with the reference strain (PG45). Our isolates showed (98.9% up to 100%) identity when compared with international field strains in GenBank. Concerning analysis of p40 pseudogene our field isolates showed (97.5%) identity when compared with each other, while (Egy-12-Fa-14) showed (99.8%) similarity with both M. bovis PG45 reference and field strains on GenBank. In conclusion M. bovis is circulating in bronchopneumonic calves in Egypt. This is the first record in Egypt to investigate some M. bovis genes by nucleotide sequence analysis.

Key words: Genotying, Mycoplasma bovis, PCR, Respiratory


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