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Acquired Megaesophagus Associated with Accidental Overdose of Vincristine in a Dog
Min-Joo Chae1,2, Tae-Woo Kim1, Hee-Myung Park2 and Min-Hee Kang2*
1Cheonan Animal Medical Center, Chungcheongnam-do, 31181, South Korea; 2Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Konkuk University, Seoul, 05029, South Korea
*Corresponding author:


A 15-year-old, castrated male, mixed dog presented for evaluation of bilateral submandibular lymphadenopathy. Fine needle aspiration of the lymph node revealed multicentric lymphoma, and chemotherapy was performed following CHOP protocol. After first administration of vincristine, anorexia, hemorrhagic diarrhea and regurgitation were noted. An accidental overdose of vincristine was found and symptomatic treatment was initiated to prevent the further adverse reaction of chemotherapy. However, an acquired megaesophagus was noted the next day and there was no clinical improvement. The dog died 17 days after the accidental high-dose vincristine administration. This is first case described an acquired megaesophagus in association with accidental overdose administration of vincristine during chemotherapy in a dog.

To Cite This Article: Chae MJ, Kim TW, Park HM and Kang MH, 2019. Acquired megaesophagus associated with accidental overdose of vincristine in a dog. Pak Vet J, 39(2): 320-322.


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