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Detection of Drug Residues in Beef Samples Collected from Different Slaughterhouses of Lahore, Pakistan
Farkhanda Manzoor1*, Ghazala Jabeen1, Abdul Aziz2, Tariq Khan3, Shaista Siddiqa1 and Amna Khan1
1Department of Zoology, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore; 2University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore; 3Department of Plant Protection, University of Karachi
*Corresponding author:


Antibiotics and their metabolites detected in food are hazardous to human health being a causative agent of allergic reactions as well as are responsible for antibiotic resistance in pathogenic microorganisms. The present study was conducted to determine the antibiotic residues in raw beef samples collected from different slaughterhouses of Lahore, i.e., Baker Mandi, PAMCO, Zenith and M. Yousaf & Sons. A total of 150 samples were collected from these slaughterhouses and examined in connection with antibiotics residues. Antibiotic residues demonstrated higher occurrence in beef samples collected from M. Yousaf & Sons (36%) followed by Baker Mandi (32%), Zenith (18%) and PAMCO (14%). Analysis of all the beef samples collected from slaughterhouses showed that 70% were contaminated with antibiotic residues. The results of the present study suggest a serious threat of antibiotic residues in humans due to consumption of contaminated beef sold in these slaughterhouses.

To Cite This Article: Manzoor F, Jabeen G, Aziz A, Khan T, Siddiqa S and Khan A, 2019. Detection of drug residues in beef samples collected from different slaughterhouses of Lahore, Pakistan. Pak Vet J, 39(2): 293-296.


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