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Protective Effect of Probiotics in Combination with Vaccination on Antibody Response, Biochemical and Hematological Indices in Broilers
Noreen Sarwar 1*, Atif Mehmood2, Ali Sheraz2 and Muhammad Noman2
1University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore; 2University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
*Corresponding author:


In this study, the effect of multi strain probiotics was studied on antibody response, blood chemistry and hematological parameters in combination with vaccination. A total of sixty day-old broiler chicks were equally divided into four groups: Control, Probiotic, Vaccine and Probiotic + Vaccine. Probiotics were offered at 2g/500ml of water for 5 days/week up to 6 weeks. NDV vaccine was given by eye drops at 0.025ml/bird at day 7. At 21st day NDV Lasota vaccine was offered in drinking distil water at 0.50ml /bird. IBDV vaccine was administered by drinking water at 10th, 22nd and 30th day of experiment. Blood samples were collected at 15, 30 and 45 days to measure antibody response, blood chemistry and hematological parameters. Antibody titer against NDV vaccine and IBD vaccine showed decline in control and probiotic groups. In case of NDV vaccine, there was no significant difference in Vaccine group (GMT=log2 7.33) and Probiotic + Vaccine group (GMT=log2 7.66) at day 45th of experiment. For IBDV vaccine, there was significant difference at 45th day in ELISA titer of vaccine group (2233) and Probiotic+Vaccine group (4206). Cholesterol and ALT showed significant decrease in PV group at 45th day. Significant increase in WBC count was observed in PV group. Level of significance was P≤0.05. Probiotics when administered along with vaccine showed improvement in antibody titer but no harmful increase or decrease in blood chemistry and hematological parameters was observed.

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