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Regulating Activity of Polysaccharides from Portulaca oleracea L. on Dendritic Cells of Mice Immunized against Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Rui Zhao*, Guiyan Jia, Yongzhong Yu, Bocui Song, Chao Hu and Lingyu Wu

Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, College of Life Science & Biotechnology, Heilongjiang August First Land Reclamation University, Daqing High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, 163319, P. R. China
*Corresponding author:


Previous study has showed that portulaca oleracea L. polysaccharide (POL-P3b), possess adjuvant activity. In the process of immune response, dendritic cells (DC) play a significant role. In view of this, DC maturation and enhancing function were investigated by oral administration with POL-P3b, as an adjuvant for foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccine. The mechanisms involved were further identified. We found that administration with POL-P3b at different concentrations induced DC maturation by increasing co-stimulatory and MHC-II expression. Furthermore, POL-P3b improved stimulus activity of T lymphocyte, and the high dose was more pronounced. In addition, POL-P3b polarized cytokine secretion toward the Th1 pathway. Interestingly, the content of mitochondrial membrane potential was significantly increased in DC+POL-P3b group. To clarify the mechanisms, the effects of POL-P3b on TLR4 signaling pathways were further investigated. Our results showed that POL-P3b treatment increased TLR4 expression and decreased the expression of caspase-3, -9 and -8. On the whole, the experimental results suggested that POL-P3b could be used as an effective adjuvant for FMD vaccine by inducing maturation and enhancing function of DCs, and the mechanism was related to regulating TLR4 signaling pathway.

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