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LysGH15 Effectively Control Murine Mastitis Caused by Staphylococcus aureus
Yalu Ji, Feng Xiao, Wei Zhu3,4,5§, Shanshan Liu6, Xin Feng1, Changjiang Sun1, Liancheng Lei1, Jianbao Dong3,4,5, Ahrar Khan3,7, Wenyu Han1,8 and Jingmin Gu1,8*
1Key Laboratory of Zoonosis Research, Ministry of Education, College of Veterinary Medicine, Jilin University, Changchun, China; 2GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Changchun, China; 3Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College, Weifang, China; 4College of Agronomy, Liaocheng University, Liaocheng, China; 5Academy of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Qinghai University, Xining, China; 6Department of Chinese Journal of Veterinary Science, Jilin University, Changchun, China; 7Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan; 8Jiangsu Co-Innovation Center for the Prevention and Control of Important Animal Infectious Disease and Zoonosis, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, China
§These authors contributed equally to this work.
*Corresponding author:


Bovine mastitis is an inflammatory response mainly caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Lysin is a cell wall hydrolase encoded and synthesized by a bacteriophage, which can kill specific Gram-positive bacteria. In this study, phage lysin “LysGH15” is used to treat the mice mastitis caused by S. aureus. The purified lysGH15 showed strong bactericidal activity in vitro. When treated with 25μg/mL of the LysGH15, the bacterial counts of S. aureus dropped approximately 5 log units within 10 min. In the in vivo experiments, the administration of LysGH15 significantly (P<0.05) reduced the colonies of S. aureus and alleviated damage to the breast tissue. Also, the levels of IL-6 and TNF-α in breast tissue were significantly decreased. It indicates that the LysGH15 can effectively treat the murine mastitis caused by S. aureus. This study demonstrated the potential of LysGH15 as an alternative to antibiotics for treating bovine mastitis caused by S. aureus.

To Cite This Article: Ji Y, Xiao F, Zhu W, Liu S, Feng X, Sun C, Lei L, Dong J, Khan A, Han W and Gu J, 2020. LysGH15 effectively control murine mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Pak Vet J, 40(4): 519-522.


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