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Salutary Effects of anti-Clostridium perfringens Type A Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgY) on Growth Performance and Hemato-Biochemical Parameters in Experimentally Infected Broiler Chicken
Zain Ul Abadeen1, Muhammad Tariq Javed1*, Farzana Rizvi1 and Sajjad Ur Rahman2

1Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture, 38040 Faisalabad, Pakistan
2Institute of Microbiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture, 38040 Faisalabad, Pakistan
*Corresponding author:


Ever since the reduction of antimicrobial growth promoters in animal feed, infectious diseases have re-emerged in certain parts of the world, necrotic enteritis (NE) for one. The current study determines the protective efficacy of egg yolk antibodies (EYAs) in experimentally infected broiler chicken. Eighty (80), day-old broiler chickens were procured and divided into four groups (G1-G4). Group G1 served as a negative control, while G2 served as positive control viz infected with C. perfringens type A (1 x 108 cfu/ml) from days 17-19 of the experiment. Groups G3 and G4 immunized passively with anti-clostridial IgY @ 1 ml per bird between days 21-24 via oral route, while 22nd and 24th days via I/M route, respectively. Two killings were performed (days 26th and 35th) and the birds were observed for growth performance, hematology and serum biochemistry. The study results showed a statistically significant decrease in growth, hematology and serum protein values, while elevation in serum enzyme values of the birds in group G2 when compared to group G1. The groups G3 and G4 (passively immunized) showed the values less affected and close to the physiological ranges. Hence it was concluded that anti-clostridial EYAs (IgY) has ameliorative effects against experimental clostridial infection in broiler chicken.

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