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Immunomodulatory Effects of Artemisia brevifolia Extract against Experimentally Induced Coccidiosis in Broiler Chicken

Kashif Hussain*1, Asghar Abbas*1, Hamdan Attia H Alanazi2,3, Abdulrahman Mohammed A Alharbi2,4, Ahmad Abdulrahman Alaiiri2,5, Atif Rehman1, Muhammad Umair Waqas1, Muhammad Asif Raza1, Riffat Yasin1, Baseer Ahmad1, Naheed Bano1 and Hafeez Ur Rehman Ali Khera1

1Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Multan, Pakistan
2Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Qassim University, Buraidah, Saudi Arabia
3Department of Markets and Slaughterhouses Management, Ministry of Environment and Water and Agriculture, Saudi Arabia
4Department of Environmental Health, Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing, Saudi Arabia
5Department of Animal Resource, Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Saudi Arabia
*Corresponding author: ;


Current study reports the immunomodulatory effects of Artemisia brevifolia (leaves extract) against experimental coccidiosis in broiler chicken. For evaluation of immunomodulatory potential, a total of 175 day-old broiler chicks were distributed into 5 groups each group having 35 birds. Mixed Eimeria infection (50,000 sporulated oocysts) was given orally at one week of age. At same age, A. brevifolia extract was orally given at 100, 200 and 300 mg/kg of body weight in first three groups respectively. Vitamin E and PBS treated chicks served as control groups. Cell mediated immunity was inquired through PHA-P, Carbon Clearance Assay, Concanavalin-A and DNCB assays. Sheep RBCs were used to check humoral immunity through hemagglutination test. Results showed that A. brevifolia extract induced cellular and humoral immunity against coccidiosis. Immunological response of groups administered with A. brevifolia extract at highest dose i.e., 300 mg was higher as compared to lower doses and caused immunomodulatory effect on infected chicks.

To Cite This Article: Hussain K, Abbas A, Alanazi HAH, Alharbi AMA, Alaiiri AA, Rehman A, Waqas MU, Raza MA, Yasin R, Ahmad B, Bano N, Khera HURA, 2023. Immunomodulatory effects of Artemisia brevifolia extract against experimentally induced coccidiosis in broiler chicken. Pak Vet J, 43(2): 333-338.


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