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I. A. Zahid, M. Latif and K. B. Baloch 

Research Institute for Physiology of Animal Reproduction, Bhunikey (Pattoki), District Kasur, Pakistan 


Incidence of endoparasites was investigated in 100 and 157 youngstock of Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds, respectively. Youngstock attaining the age of 9 months or more maintained at the Livestock Experiment Station, Bhunikey (Pattoki), District Kasur were selected for the present study. Faecal samples of all the selected animals were collected per rectum aseptically on quarterly basis from 1st July 2003 to 30th June 2004. These faecal samples were processed and examined using the standard methods i.e. direct faecal smear method, sedimentation method and floatation technique. Overall incidence of endoparasites in youngstock of Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds was 39.00 and 38.21 per cent, respectively. The highest incidence in Friesian and Jersey youngstock was 50 and 60 per cent during 3rd and 4th quarters, respectively, while the lowest incidence was 21.05 and 17.07 per cent, respectively during 2nd quarter. In 1st quarter the infestation of endoparasites was 34.61 and 19.44 per cent in Holstein Friesian and Jersey calves, respectively. It was higher than infestation of endoparasites observed in 2nd quarter. The incidence of endoparasites in 3rd quarter was higher than incidence observed in 1st and 2nd quarters. It was concluded that the youngstock should be regularly monitored for the presence of endoparasites for their effective control programmes. 

Key words: Endoparasites, faecal, Holstein-Friesian, Jersey, youngstock


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