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Effects of Post-Slaughter Carcass Handling on Meat Quality
F. Adzitey§ and N. Huda*
Fish and Meat Processing Laboratory, Food Technology Programme, School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Minden, 11800, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia; §University for Development Studies, Animal Science Department, Box TL 1882, Tamale, Ghana
*Corresponding author:


The quality of meat from the processing plant or as found on the market will have an influence on its processing properties and eating qualities. The processing properties and eating qualities will also influence consumers’ acceptability and profits to be realized by producers, processors and retailers. A number of factors including the genetics of the animal, production practices, age of the animal at slaughter and how live animals are handle prior to and during slaughter contribute significantly to meat quality. Apart from these, post-slaughter practices also influence meat quality to an appreciable extent. In recent times, various processing conditions and addition of ingredients/additives have been manipulated to improve upon the quality of processed meat products. This mini-review discusses the effects of post-slaughter practices on meat quality.

Key words: Carcass handling, Meat quality, Post-slaughter


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