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Co-infection of avian leukosis virus and Salmonella pullorum with the preliminary eradication in breeders of Chinese local “Shouguang” chickens
Jian Qiang Huang, Jing Kai Xin, Cui Mao, Feng Zhong and Jia Qian Chai*
Key Laboratory of Animal Biotechnology and Disease Control and Prevention of Shandong Province, College of Veterinary Medicine, Shandong Agricultural University, Taian 271018, People’s Republic of China
*Corresponding author:


The study was designed to investigate the infection status and finish the preliminary eradication of avian leukosis virus (ALV) and salmonella pullorum (SP) in breeders of Chinese local “ShouGuang” chickens. ALV antigen and antibody was tested via ELISA, and SP antibody was detected by SPAT (serum plate agglutination test). The pathology and etiology research was also researched. The ALV-P27 antigen, ALV-A/B and SP antibody positive chickens were eliminated in turn, and then the negative were retained as the breeder flocks. The results showed that the positive rate of antigen to ALV-P27, antibody to ALV-A/B, ALV-J and SP was 57.8, 6.7, 0 and 17.8% in this breeder farm, respectively. The co-infection of ALV and SP was confirmed and the positive rate of both SP and ALV-P27 or ALV-A/B was 10 and 1%, respectively. There were obvious tumor nodules and lymphoid tumor cells in the comb, liver and spleen of the co-infected chickens. The degenerative and atrophic ovarian follicles, inflammatory cell infiltration in muscle biopsies were also found. The elimination rate of ALV-p27, ALV-A/B and SP positive chickens was 55.4, 13 and 6.1%, respectively. The final amount of the breeder conservation was 309 chickens. In conclusion, the co-infection of ALV-B and SP was found and more emphasis should be given on its prevention; the preliminary eradication of “ShouGuang” breeder chickens was finished.

Key words: Avian leukosis virus (ALV), Co-infection, Eradication, Salmonella pullorum (SP)


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