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Prevalence of Mycoplasma bovis in Respiratory Tract of Cattle Slaughtered in Balochistan, Pakistan
Zafar Ahmad*, Shakeel Babar, Ferhat Abbas, Muhammad Arif Awan, Muhammad Shafee, Mohammad Masood Tariq,  Muhammad Alam Mengal, Nadeem Rashid, Shahid Amin1, Kamran Taj and Mumtaz Ali
Center for Advanced Studies in Vaccinology and Biotechnology, University of Balochistan, Brewery Road, Quetta; 1Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Balochistan, Pakistan


Cattle lungs (n=1200) obtained from abattoir of 10 districts of Balochistan were processed for isolation and identification of Mycoplasma species. A total of 156 isolates produced typical fried egg colonies on Modified Hayflick’s agar medium and 87.8% were preliminarily identified as Mycoplasma species, 12.2% species were Acholeplasmas. All the digitonin sensitive isolates were further subjected to different biochemical and PCR tests for further identification. Overall prevalence of M. bovis lungs samples obtained from slaughter house samples was 9%. Among the Mycoplasma isolates; 108 M. bovis, 29 Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri (Mmc) and 16 M. arginini were identified through the biochemical tests. M. bovis and Mycoplasma mycoides subcluster members were further validated through PCR and RFLP. Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides small colony type (Mmm SC) was not isolated from any of the lung samples. Among the Mycoplasma bovis species isolated, the highest number was observed from Quetta district (16%) followed by Pishin (15%), Zhob (11 %) and Kalat (10%). Conversely the lowest number of M. bovis isolates was found in Bolan (2%) district followed by Jaffarabad (3%), 4%, each from Khuzdar, Mustung, Killasaifullah and 7% in Sibi district. Statistical analysis using chi square test, showed a significance difference (χ²=33.38) in the recovery of Mycoplasma bovis from the lungs of cattle slaughtered in 10 districts of Balochistan.

Key words: Balochistan, Cattle lungs, Mycoplasma bovis


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