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Comparison of Cryopreservative Effect of Different Levels of Omega-3 Egg-Yolk in Citrate Extender on the Quality of Goat Spermatozoa
N Yimer1*, AH Noraisyah1, Y Rosnina1, H Wahid1, K Sarsaifi1 and AM Hafizal2
1Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400, Serdang, Selangor,  Malaysia; 2 Institute of National Veterinary Biodiversity (IBVK), Jerentut, Pahang, Malaysia
*Corresponding author:


The objective of the present study was to compare quality of chilled and frozen-thawed goat semen processed in citrate extender containing 3 different levels (2.5, 5 and 10%) of omega-3 egg-yolk (EY).  Ejaculates were collected from five adult goats using artificial vagina. Quality of fresh semen, processed semen after 3 hrs of chilling and 24 hrs of freezing was assessed based on live sperm %age, abnormality (determined by eosin-nigrosin stain) and general and progressive motility (evaluated by CEROS computer assisted semen analyzer). The result showed a significant (P<0.05) decrease in post-chilled live sperm %age from the fresh sample for extenders using 2.5 and 5% EY but not for the 10%. Moreover, a significantly lower percentage general and progressive motility was recorded using the 2.5% EY compared to the others that showed post-chilled sperm motility non-significantly different from the fresh sample. After chilling, 5% EY showed significantly lower percent sperm abnormalities compared to others. However, the abnormalities increased after freezing to a level non-significantly different from the 10% EY that sustained to demonstrate higher live sperm %age and motility than both 2.5 and 5% EY. An overall increase in post-thawed live sperm %age, general and progressive motility was observed with increase in concentration of EY added. Thus, though the difference with the 5% EY is in magnitude, the 10% omega-3 EY in citrate extender is preferred compared to 2.5% for superior post-thawed goat semen quality, extended without washing seminal plasma.

Key words: Citrate extender, Cryopreservation, Goat-semen, Omega-3 egg-yolk


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