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Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in an African Lion Cub (Panthera leo)
MN Asi1, LA Lodhi2*, MN Mughal1, G Abbas1, G Muhammad1 and M Saqib1
1Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery; 2Department of Theriogenology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
*Corresponding author:


The present case report describes nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism (NSH) in an African lion cub of 4 month age presented at Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan with the complaint of lethargy, lameness and pelvic limb paresis from 2 weeks. Diagnosis of NSH was arrived on the basis of history of feeding lean meat, characteristic radiographical findings including epiphyseal fracture, femoral cupping, marginal radiopacity and pelvic collapse along with low serum calcium and high alkaline phosphatase (ALP) level. The patient was recovered within 6-7 weeks after administration of calcium and vitamin D source along with application of plaster of paris (POP) bandage in order to enhance recovery.

Key words: African cub, Femoral cupping, Lean meat epiphyseal fracture, Nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism, Serum calcium


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