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Effect of Immunostimulants on Humoral Response against Infectious Bursal Disease in Broilers
B Zahid1, G Saleem1*, A Aslam1, MS Imran1 and M Younas2
1Department of Pathology, University of Veterinary and Animal sciences, Lahore; 2College of Veterinary Sciences, Jhang, Pakistan; *Corresponding author:


In poultry industry, infectious bursal disease (IBD) is one of important viral disease causing high mortality and immunosuppression in chicken. Current experiment was conducted to see the effect of two commercially available immunostimulants Livol (herbal supplement) and immunotone (selenium and vit E) in conjunct with IBD virus (IBDV) vaccine in broilers. A total of 360 one-day old broiler chicks were divided into six equal groups, i.e., A, B, C, D, E and F. On day 0, birds in groups A, B and E were vaccinated against IBD. Chicks in groups A and C were treated with Immunotone (a commercial product) through drinking water and birds of groups B and D were supplemented with Livol. The effects of immunostimulants against IBD were evaluated through ELISA by recording weekly serum antibody titer till 42 days. On days 17, 23 and 29, five birds from each replicate pen were killed for histopathological studies and bursa/body weight ratio. Significantly (P<0.05) higher ELISA antibody titer were observed in group B (treated with Livol) as compared to group F (control). Histopathology revealed varying degree of lympho-proliferative changes in bursa of Fabricius and spleen with increase number of lymphocytes in groups B and D. Bursa/body weight ratio was highest in birds of group D whereas lowest was observed in those of group E. It was concluded that Livol supplementation may have potent immunomodulatory effect in chickens.

Key words: Herbal supplement, Infectious bursal disease (IBD), Selenium, Vit. E


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