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Diagnosis of Pseudopregnancy in a Beetal Goat Using Real-Time B-Mode Ultrasonography
Muhammad Irfan-ur-Rehman Khan*, Aijaz Ali Channa and Abdul Sattar
Department of Theriogenology, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore-54000, Pakistan
*Corresponding author:


A four-year old Beetal goat was presented for early pregnancy diagnosis 30-days post-breeding. The goat was healthy and showed distended abdomen. Two ultrasound examinations of the reproductive tract were performed on 30th and 60th-day post-breeding, using 3.5 MHz convex and/or 7.5 MHz linear array transducers to diagnose pregnancy. On 30th and 60th day post-breeding, uterus appeared thin-walled, compartmentalized and filled with clear, anechoic fluid; without the presence of any fetus or placentome. On 60th day post-breeding, transrectal scanning (7.5 MHz) revealed two large (5-6 mm) and a small follicle (2-3 mm) along with a corpus luteum (8 mm) on the right ovary. Based on the characteristic ultrasound images of the uterus and ovary, pseudopregnancy was diagnosed in the Beetal goat.

Key words: Beetal goat, Hydrometra, Ovary, Pseudopregnancy, Ultrasonography, Uterus


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