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Cloprostenol and PMSG Administration Promote Estrus Synchronization, Uterine Development and FSHR Expression in Mice
Wei Suocheng1,3, Gong Zhuandi2, Chen Shien3*, An Lifeng2, Zhang Taijun3, Luo Yongfu3 and Dai Haiou3
1The key bio-engineering and technology laboratory of National Nationality Commission;  2Medicine College; 3Life Science and Engineering College, Northwest University for Nationalities, Lanzhou, China
*Corresponding author:


The present study aimed to investigate the effects of PMSG and cloprostenol (CLO) on the estrus synchronization, uterine development as well as follicle stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR) expression in animals. 105 female KM mice, 30 days old and body weight of 25.28±2.26g, were assigned into seven subgroups (n=15). Mice in PMSG-1 (pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin), PMSG-2 and PMSG-3 subgroups were injected with 10, 20 and 40IU PMSG. Mice in CLO-1, CLO-2 and CLO-3 subgroups were intramuscularly injected with 10, 15 and 20μg cloprostenol. Western-blotting was implemented to detect expression of uterine FSHR proteins. The results showed that 93.33% and 66.67% of synchronized mice of CLO and PMSG groups displayed estrus in 18.68-37.59h, respectively. Estrus numbers, estrus onset time (EOT) and estrus rates in CLO and PMSG groups were greater than in control group (CG) (P<0.05). EOT in CLO and PMSG groups were 19.88±2.91 hours and 34.84±5.05 hours. Uterine weights of PMSG group were higher than that of CLO and CG groups. Uterine wall thickness (UWT) of PMSG group was higher than that of CLO and CG groups. Uterine horn longitudial diameter (ULD) in experimental mice was greater than CG. ULD in PMSG-2 and PMSG-3 were significantly greater than CG. Uterine horn transverse diameter (UTD) of CLO-1, PMSG-1, PMSG-2 and PMSG-3 subgroups were significantly larger than CG (P<0.05). Expression levels of FSHR proteins were different among all subgroups. FSHR protein levels in CLO and PMSG increased lightly in comparison with CG. In conclusion, PMSG and CLO treatments could synchronize estrus of mice, enhance the uterine development of mice. Efficacy of CLO on estrus synchronization was greater than PMSG. The effects of PMSG on uterine development were stronger than cloprostenol. This is benefit for modulating the reproductive functions of animals.

Key words: Cloprostenol, Estrus synchronization, Follicle stimulating Hormone receptor, Mice, Pregnant mare serum Gonadotropin, Uterine development


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