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Evaluation of a Slightly Modified Arrowhead Procedure for Lateral Canthal Entropion Repair in Four Chow Chow Dogs
Joon Young Kim1, Young-sun Lee2 and Soon-wuk Jeong2*
1Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital; 2College of Veterinary Medicine, Konkuk University, 120 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu Seoul 05029, Korea
*Corresponding author:


The aim of this study was to investigate typical entropions on the lateral canthus of Chow Chow dogs and evaluate the outcome of a slightly modified arrowhead procedure to correct the entropion. Four Chow Chow dogs (mean age, 4.42±4.35 years; 6 eyes total) diagnosed with a lateral canthal entropion underwent the slightly modified arrowhead procedure. The modified procedure involves a longer incision nasally and another incision close to the eyelid margin. Two dogs had a unilateral entropion in their left eye, and the other 2 had bilateral entropions. A corneal ulcer was found in 2 eyes of 2 dogs, and the other eyes had keratitis with neovascularization. After eyelid surgery, all four dogs recovered well with no complications. The cornea healed with antibiotic eye drops alone. A follow-up examination three years later revealed that these dogs have had no further eye problems. The slightly modified arrowhead procedure for lateral canthal entropion repair in Chow Chow dogs was successful, and the dogs did not require any further treatments for this condition. Overall, there were no complications related to this technique.

Key words: Arrowhead procedure, Chow Chow Dogs, Hotz-Celsus, Lateral canthal entropion


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