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Frequencies of the PRNP Gene Polymorphisms in Binglangjiang Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) for Comparing Potential Susceptibility to BSE
Sameeullah Memon1,2§, Guozhi Li1,2§,  Heli Xiong1,2, Liping Wang1,2, Xiangying Liu1,2, Mengya Yuan1,2, Yuai Yang1,2, Dongmei Xi1,2 and Weidong Deng1,2* 
1National Key Laboratory for Conservation and Utilization of Bio-Resources in Yunnan, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming 650201, China; 2Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Faculty of Animal Science and Technology, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming 650201, China
*Corresponding author:


The bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), is a neurodegenerative disorder initiated by miss folded prion protein affecting in cattle. It is associated with a 23 bp indel polymorphism in the putative promoter and a 12 bp indel in intron 1 of the PRNP gene. There is no prior record of investigating for these indels polymorphism from Binglangjiang (BLJ) buffalo. The results of collected 100 samples from BLJ buffalo demonstrated that high insertion of genotype frequencies in 23++ (0.98) and 12++ (0.93) with the allelic frequencies also high in 23 bp (0.980) and 12 bp (0.965) while deletion is considerably low or absent in the allelic as well as in genotype frequencies. Haplotypes data showed different indel polymorphism with absent deletion (0) in both regions of this PRNP gene. A comparative analysis of BLJ buffalo with healthy and BSE affected German and Swiss cattle breeds from European countries was done with the results signifying a difference (P<0.001) in healthy and affected cattle. Significant outcomes were observed after comparison with previous studies on BLJ buffalo. Result demonstrated no genetic vulnerability to in BJL buffalo. Thus, BLJ buffalo can therefore prove to be the most likely model for genetic, selection, breeding and production. To best of our knowledge, this was first study describing indels polymorphism 23 bp & 12 bp in BLJ buffalo (river buffalo) of China.

To Cite This Article: Memon S, Li G, Xiong H, Wang L, Liu X, Yuan M, Yang Y, Xi D and Deng W, 2018. Frequencies of the PRNP gene polymorphisms in Binglangjiang buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) for comparing potential susceptibility to BSE. Pak Vet J, 38(3): 256-260.


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