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Exploring the Genetic Basis of Xiangxi Cattle Ovary Reproduction: A Rudimentary Study of Ovary Transcriptome in Xiangxi and Angus Cattle
He Fang1,2, Sun Ao1,2#, Long Yun2,3, Li Jianbo1,2, Li Haobang1,2, Luo Yang1,2, Li Sheng1,2, Li Xiong1,2, Zhang Baizhong1,2 and Yi Kangle1,2*

1Hunan Institute of Animal and Veterinary Science. Changsha 410131, China
2Xiangxi Yellow Cattle Engineering Technology Center. Hunan 416400, China
3Hunan De Nong Animal Husbandry Group Co. Ltd416400, China
#Contributed equally with the first author
*Corresponding author:


Basic understanding of molecular features of ovaries and comparison of biological events in ovaries of different beef cattle breeds with indigenous potential has been indicated to improve beef production. The objective of the study was to explore the basic molecular features of Xiangxi cattle ovary and to identify the biological processes generating the differences between the ovaries of Xiangxi and Angus cattle. For this purpose, RNA-seq technology was used to analyze transcriptome data between the ovaries of Xiangxi and Angus cattle. A total of 64.87 Gb clean data were obtained that contained 6.10 Gb clean data of each sample. A total of 109 differentially expressed genes were obtained from comparison of transcriptome analysis between Xiangxi and Angus cattle. Among the 109 differentially expressed genes, 60 genes were upregulated in Angus, whereas 59 genes were upregulated in Xiangxi cattle. Gene ontology and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes Pathway Analysis indicated that many of these genes encode the proteins involved in signal transduction and ovarian development. In this study, the mRNA expression of ASIP, IGLL1, FOSB and IL17RD in ovary of Angus cattle was found to be upregulated. While, the mRNA expression of GSTA3, TICAM1, CCDC6 and TSPAN18 was upregulated in Xiangxi cattle. These observations could provide basic information to improve understanding of fertilization, ovarian development and immune cell functions in the Xiangxi cattle and other closely related cattle breeds.

To Cite This Article: Fang H, Ao S, Yun L, Jianbo L, Haobang L, Yang L, Sheng L, Xiong L, Baizhong Z and Kangle Y, 2022. Exploring the genetic basis of xiangxi cattle ovary reproduction: a rudimentary study of ovary transcriptome in xiangxi and angus cattle. Pak Vet J, 42(2): 266-270.


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