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Lipid Lowering Effect of a Herbal Mixture in Hyperlipidaemic Adult Male Albino Mice
Ijaz Javed1*,Muhammad Sarfraz1,Faqir Muhammad1, Bilal Aslam1,Zia-ur-Rahman1,Muhammad Zargham Khan2,Tanweer Khaliq1, Faqir Hussain Khan3 and Mahmood Ahmad4
1Department of Physiology and Pharmacology 2Department of Pathology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad; 3The University of Faisalabad, Faisalabad; 4Faculty of Pharmacy and Alternative Medicine, Islamia University, Bahawalpur, Pakistan


The present study was conducted to evaluate the lipid lowering effect of a herbal mixture (containing garlic, lemon, ginger, apple vinegar and honey) in hyperlipidemic adult male albino mice. Animals were divided into six groups. Except normal control group, which was kept on routine mice feed, the rest of the groups were provided with atherogenic diet for 0-15 days (lead-in period) to induce hyperlipidemia. After that period mixture was fed to hyperlipidemic albino mice at the dose level of 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 ml/kg BW to three treated groups, respectively, for 15-60 days as cellulose replacement in atherogenic diet. Simvastatin (synthetic lipid lowering drug, as reference standard) at the dose rate of 0.6mg/kg BW was fed to the hyperlipidemic albino mice of treated control group for 15-60 days as cellulose replacement in atherogenic diet while untreated control group was kept on atherogenic diet as such. Blood samples were taken and serum was tested for lipid profile parameters at day 0, 15, 30, 45 and 60 after the initiation of experiment. The results suggested that the values of percentage reduction induced after administration of mixture, 3.5 ml/kg and simvastatin, 0.6 mg/kg, respectively, at post treatment day 60, are non-significantly (P>0.05) different (51.63 and 68.61 for TL, 49.61 and 60.26 for TGs, 59.54 and 64.72 for TC and 65.75 and 66.44 for LDL-c. Similarly, respective percentage increase, 20.38 and 26.25, for HDL-c were also mutually non-significant. Therefore, this is concluded that mixture, 3.5 ml/kg and simvastatin, 0.6 mg/kg, are equieffective in treating hyperlipidemia in male albino mice.

Key words: Antihyperlipidemic activity, High density lipoprotein, Low density lipoprotein, Mixture, Simvastatin, Total cholesterol, Total lipids, Triglycerides


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