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The Evaluation of Osmotic Pump as Glaucoma Drug Delivery System in Normal Dogs
Jury Kim and Min-Su Kim*
College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, 561-756, Korea
*Corresponding author:


The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of continuous release of an antiglaucomatous drug using osmotic pump compared with the effect of conventional eye drop. In group 1, one eye of each dog was treated with artificial tears. In group 2, the right eye was treated with a fixed combination of 2% dorzolamide and 0.5% timolol twice a day. In group 3, an osmotic pump filled with a fixed combination of 2% dorzolamide and 0.5% timolol was subcutaneously implanted over the left eye. In results the mean of intra ocular pressure (IOP) was 12.6±1.8 mmHg in group 3, 15.8±1.8 mmHg in group 2 and 17.3±1.0 mmHg in group 1, respectively. The osmotic pump presents a similar effect on IOP compared to conventional eye drop administration. From the study, it is known that the osmotic pump application can be used as the alternative method for the treatment of canine glaucoma.

Key words: Dog, Dorzolamide, Ocular delivery, Osmotic pump, Timolol


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