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Histopathological Findings and Apoptosis Caused by E. coli in Layer Birds
Kübra Asena Terim Kapakin1, Samet Kapakin2, Ali Kurt1, Hatice Iskender3, Serdar Altun1 and Demet Celebi4
1Department of Pathology; 2Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Ataturk University, 25240 Erzurum, Turkey; 3Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Nursing, Coruh University, Artvin, Turkey; 4Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ataturk University, 25240 Erzurum, Turkey


In this study, our aim was to evaluate lesions seen in the tissues in terms of histopathology and to investigate the apoptotic cells seen in the tissues when E. coli outbreak occurred in a poultry farm. A total of 48 Lohmann White strains (53 weeks old) were submitted to the laboratory for necropsy. Microbiologic and histopathologic examinations were done on the samples taken from tissues. Apoptotic cells were determined in all of the tissues. The number of apoptotic cells increased as the tissue damage increased.

Key words: Apoptosis, Chicken, Escherichia coli


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