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Vaginal Fibrosarcoma in an Algerian Crossbreed Cow
Houari Hemida1*, Mokhtar Benchohra1, Ahmad Yassine Kalbaza2 and Karim Amara1
1Department of animal health, Institute of veterinary sciences, Tiaret University, Algeria
2Department of Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Batna University, Algeria
*Corresponding author:


A case of vaginal fibrosarcoma in a 4-year-old pregnant (6th month) cow is described on the basis of clinical, macroscopic and microscopic findings. Tumor mass surgically excised from the vagina was nodular and firm, sized 40mm x 60mm. Histopathologically, neoplastic tissue originated from the mucosal connective tissue. Tumor cells showed highly proliferating pattern with cellular and nuclear pleomorphism (anisocytosis and anisokaryosis). In addition, some tissue parts were very well vascularized.  Excision of the tumor mass was easy and successful; with neither hemorrhage nor postoperative infection. At the 5th post surgical month, no evidence of regrowth of any tumor tissue was found. This paper reports the first clinical investigation, surgical treatment and pathological description of a vaginal fibrosarcoma in Algeria.

To Cite This Article: Hemida H, Benchohra M, Kalbaza AY and Amara K, 2018. Vaginal fibrosarcoma in an Algerian crossbreed cow. Pak Vet J, 38(1): 119-120.


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