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Cystitis and Bilateral Pyonephrosis in a Mixed Breed Goat
Serkan Irfan Kose1*, Ozgur Kanat2, Zafer Cantekin3, Aliye Sagkan Ozturk1 and Alper Erturk1
1Department of Internal Medicine; 2Department of Pathology; 3Department of Microbiology, Veterinary Faculty, Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Hatay, Turkey; *Corresponding author:


Pyonephrosis defined as suppurative destruction of the parenchyma of the kidney and rarely reported in domestic animals. The aim of this case report was to evaluate pyonephrosis in the goat by clinical, laboratory and ultrasonographic examinations. A 4-years-old mixed breed doe goat in 45 kg body weight, having complaints with abdominal distension, dysuria, strangury, abdominal pain, groaning, and lethargy, was used. General physical and laboratory examinations, ultrasonographic imaging, and microbiological analysis were performed. Goat was euthanized by the owner request because of bad clinical situation and prognosis. Pyonephrosis and cystitis were determined in this mixed breed goat in the light of clinical, laboratory, ultrasonographic imaging, and especially post-mortem examinations. In conclusion, the results of this case report will provide important insights into pyonephrosis less frequently seen in goats in the clinics.

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