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External Skeletal Fixation for Surgical Repair of a Bilateral Mandible Fracture in a Mediterranean Buffalo
G Della Valle*, J Guccione, MP Pasolini, P Ciaramella and G Fatone
Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Productions, University of Napoli Federico II, Naples, Italy
*Corresponding author:


The surgical treatment and follow-up of a bilateral fracture of the molar part of the horizontal mandibular ramus, of a dairy Mediterranean Buffalo in “the field” were described. The mandibular region was swollen, painful and unstable on palpation. The radiographic examination confirmed the diagnoses. The association between sedation and nerve block of the mandibulo-alveolar nerve assured restraint and analgesia. The fractures were stabilized by linear skeletal external fixation, recycled from human medicine allowing a good mouth occlusion. Fifty-five days after surgery the fractures were completely healed and the heifer regularly calved 3 months after without any consequence for calf health.

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