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Trivalent Chromium Restore Dexamethasone-Induced Attenuation Effect of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 and Promote Skin Wound Healing in Mice
Yu-Ta Hsieh1, Tien-Huan Hsu1, Hsein-Chi Wang1,2, Kuan-Sheng Chen1,2 and Wei-Ming Lee1,2
1Department of Veterinary Medicine; 2Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, College of Veterinary Medicine, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. 145, Xingda Rd., Taichung city, Taiwan, R.O.C.
*Corresponding author:


This study was conducted to investigate the effects of Cr3+ on wound healing in mice. A total of 96 male C57BL6/J mice were randomly assigned to four groups (n=24/group). These mice were divided 4 groups and treated by normal saline, chromium chloride (CrCl3), dexamethasone (Dex) as well as combination of CrCl3 and Dex, respectively. Six mice of each group were sacrificed on day 7, 14, and 21 after skin incision. Skin wound area were measured and collected for histology evaluation, tissue of organs was collected for Cr3+ concentration determination as well as blood collected for serum IGF-I concentrations determination. Delayed healing was found in Dex group, and an accelerated healing was observed in both Cr groups. In histology, the delayed inflammation process, reepithelization, granulation tissue formation as well as collagen deposition were observed in Dex groups. However, reversed detrimental effects of Dex were observed in Cr groups. The concentrations of IGF-1 in Dex groups revealed significant decrement compared to other groups, but Cr3+ reversed this effect. Therefore, Cr3+ accelerated wound healing in surgical wound model of mice through the regulation of hormone concentrations such as IGF-1, meanwhile, the effects could be more prominent when animal is under stress or treated by exogenous glucocorticoids.

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