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Effect of different glycerol concentrations on motility before and after freezing, recovery rate, longevity and plasma membrane integrity of Nili-Ravi buffalo bull spermatozoa
A.Abbas and S.M.H. Andrabi
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 1-4
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Estimation of crude fibre and crude protein in commercial poultry rations and some important feed ingredients
Bashir Mahmood Bhatti, Tanzeela Talat and Rozina Sardar
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 5-7
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Biochemical changes associated with experimental ORF infection in sheep and goats
F.M.T. Housawi
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 8-10
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Associative effect of molasses-urea block and forage quality on nutrient digestion and nitrogen retention in sheep
lqbal Saeed. M. M. Siddiqui and G. Habib

Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 11-16
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Current respiratory disease problem and the probes in chicken
S.Hasan. K. Ahmad, N. Fawad, B. Siddique and H. Rehman
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 17-20
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Improvement in economic traits of local cattle through crossbreeding with Holstein Friesian semen
M. Subhan Qureshi, J. M. Khan, I. H. Khan2, R. A. Chaudhry, K. Ashraf and B. D. Khan

Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 21-26
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Effect of feeding cooked hatchery waste on the performance of broilers
Sohail Hassan Khan and Bashir Mahmood Bhatti
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 27-30
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Physical characteristics of oestrus mucus and conception rates in repeat breeder buffaloes
H.A. Samad. S.M. Iqbal Shah. Nazir Ahmad and Nafees Akhtar
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 31-34
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Prospects of multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET) in genetic improvement of buffaloes
Muhammad Sajjad Khan
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 35-39
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Adaptation of Eimeria tenella (local isolate) sporozoites in chicken embryos
Masood Akhtar, M. M. Ayaz, C.S. Hayat, M. Ashfaq and I.
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 40-41
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Use of GnRH to improve conception rate in repeat breeder buffaloes during the low breeding season
Ghulam Ahmad, Muhammad Amir Saeed and Isma Nazli Bashir
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 42-44
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Acute puerperal metritis in a dromedary camel (Camelus dromedarius)
Z.I. Qureshi, G. Muhammad, M. Athar and L.A.
Pakistan Vet. J., 2002, 22(1): 45-47

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