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Effects of Different Sources of FSH, Injection Methods, Embryo Collection Methods and Seasons on the Superovulation Response in Belgian Blue Cattle
Fei Huang1, Peng Niu2, Jie Wang1, Bo Liu2, Cheng-guang Yue2, Di Fang1, Wen-xi Qian2 and Qing-hua Gao1, 2, 3*

1College of Life Sciences and Technology, Tarim University, Alar, Xinjiang 843300, China
2College of Animal Science and Technology, Tarim University, Alar, Xinjiang 843300, China
3Key Laboratory of Tarim Animal Husbandry Science and Technology, Xinjiang Production & Construction Corps; Alar, Xinjiang 843300, China
*Corresponding author:


Superovulation is a key technique in embryo transfer. This study aimed to investigate the effects of two different sources of FSH (Ningbo Second Hormone Factory – NSHFTM, China and Vetoquinol, Australia), FSH injection methods (decreasing dose and equal dose), embryo collection methods (injection-type flushing tube and three-channel type flushing tube) and seasons (winter and spring) on superovulation response in Belgian Blue cattle. For this purpose, 80 Belgian Blue cattle (aged 2-3 years, parity=1) were randomly divided into four groups, with each group was further divided into two sub-groups. Superovulation experiments were carried out through Cue-Mate+FSH+PGF2α+GnRH, followed by artificial insemination. The effects of the above four factors on superovulation response were determined by comparing the mean numbers of corpora lutea, total embryos and viable embryos. The results showed non-significant difference in the effects of FSH produced by NSHFTM, China and Vetoquinol, Australia on the superovulation response, though the cost of NSHFTM was lower. Moreover, the superovulation response to decreasing-dose injection of FSH was significantly better than that of equal dose injection (P<0.05). Regarding embryo collection methods, the results of injection-type flushing tube were significantly better than those of three-channel type flushing tube (P<0.05). Similarly, superovulation results during spring season were significantly better than those during winter (P<0.05). In summary, the best method of superovulation in Belgian Blue cattle is to inject FSH with reduced dose/s and collect embryos through injection-type flushing tube method during spring season.

To Cite This Article: Huang F, Niu P, Wang J, Liu B, Yue C-G, Fang D, Qian W-X and Gao Q-H, 2023. Effects of different sources of FSH, injection methods, embryo collection methods and seasons on the superovulation response in belgian blue cattle. Pak Vet J, 43(1): 204-208.


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