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Coproscopic and haematological approaches to determine the prevalence of helminthiasis and protozoan diseases of Red Chittagong Cattle (RCC) breed in Bangladesh
A. Z. Siddiki, M. B. Uddin, M.B. Hasan, M. F. Hossain, M. M. Rahman, B. C. Das, M. S. Sarker and M. A. Hossain
Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 1-
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Haematology, blood chemistry and carcass characteristics of growing rabbits fed grasshopper meal as a substitute for fish meal
A.A. Njidda and C. E. Isidahomen

Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 7-12
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Reference values of oxidative stress parameters in adult Iranian fat-tailed sheep
S. Nazifi, N. Ghafari, F. Farshneshani, M. Rahsepar and S. M. Razavi

Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1):
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Effect of lysine supplementation in low protein diets on the performance of growing broilers
Saima, M. Z. U. Khan, M. A. Jabbar, A. Mehmud, M. M. Abbas and A. Mahmood
Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 17-20

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Production performance of White Leghorn hens under different lighting regimes  
Fawwad Ahmad, Ahsan-ul-Haq, M. Ashraf, Jibran Hussain and M. Zubair Siddiqui
Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1):
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Prevalence and antibiogram studies of Salmonella enteritidis isolated from human and poultry sources   
F. Akhtar, I. Hussain, A. Khan and S. U. Rahman
Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 25-28
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The effect of GnRH given on day of mating on ovarian function and reproductive performance in Lohi sheep
Mushtaq H. Lashari and Zahida Tasawar

Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1):
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Influence of feed supplementation with Cannabis sativa on quality of broilers carcass
Rifat Ullah Khan, F. R. Durrani, Niela Chand and Haseeb Anwar  

Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 34-38
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Effect of infusions of non-antibiotic antibacterials alone and in combination with cephradine on milk yield of buffaloes affected with clinical mastitis
M. Yousaf, G. Muhammad, M. Z. Khan and S. U. Rahman
Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 39-43
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Prevalence of various reproductive disorders and economic losses caused by genital prolapse in buffaloes
Rasheed A. Rabbani, I. Ahmad, L. A. Lodhi, N. Ahmad and G. Muhammad

Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 44-48
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Morphometric evaluation of blood pressure regulating organs in teddy goats (Capra hircus) in relation to age and sex
M. Shah, A. S. Qureshi, S. Rehan and R. Hussain

Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 49-52
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Haematological studies of Nili-Ravi buffaloes injected with recombinant bovine somatotropin
T. Khaliq and Z. U. Rahman
Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 53-57
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Congenital goitre in goats  

A. H. Cheema, A. Shakoor and A. H. Shahzad

Pakistan Vet. J., 2010, 30(1): 58-60
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